About NIA
NIA is a kind of token issued by BTCNIA Exchange
NIA is a kind of token issued by BTCNIA Exchange, which is a mean of profit sharing and decision making.
NIA Holders could get completed transaction fee via airdrop.
Total Circulation of NIA: 10,000,000,000  NIA
Total Circulation of NIA
Prior Day Total Circulation of NIA
Airdrop Fee
The transaction fee of BTCNIA Exchange would airdrop to NIA token holders every day.
Users who are holding NIA token would get more airdrops.
Fees received via airdrop in NIABOX would be used for buyback.
NIA owned by NIABOX is not available to sell on the market, which makes the management transparently.
Mining Status
With the proportion of the transaction fee, up to 1.3 million NIA token could be mined per day.
The more NIA token holders exist, the more available NIA token for mining.
Ranking & Rewards of Mining
Depending on your mining condition, you can collect registered rewards. Check your earned rewards in Mining > My Mining. The reward is 10% of Airdrops of NIA Box.
Auto Mining
Auto Mining Program is available to purchase in BTCNIA. Mining becomes more convenient by using the Auto Mining Program.
NIA Vote
NIA tokens are used for the new coin listing and voting inside BTCNIA.
PRE-ZONE is a service for members that apply cryptocurrency to be listed in BTCNIA.