Golden Bell
Golden Bell is an event for preventing NIA's inflation.
Users who first reach the target price of the indicated market price will be rewarded at a certain percentage.
*** The reward will be paid after excluding 22% tax.

· Indicated KRW is the estimated value of the registered coin.

· When the target price of 1 NIA is equivalent to KRW, ETH, and BTC, the ETH and BTC markets may have a slight deviation.

· You should ring next bell within 12 hours after the bell rang or it will be reset.

Registered Rewards
Stage 0 .
Target Price for 1 NIA:
Total Reward
Bronze Bell
Bronze Bell
Total Reward 20% Coin
Silver Bell
Silver Bell
Total Reward 30% Coin
NIA ZONE: Open when Bronze Bell succeeded
Golden Bell
Golden Bell
Total Reward 40% Coin
NIA ZONE: Open when Silver Bell succeeded